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Membership Technology

BUMP Network’s robust technology platform manages all aspects of membership with customizable member benefits, card printing and delivery, event registration and a complete toolkit of communication tools.

Affinity Marketing

BUMP Network software powers unique membership platforms that generate brand affinity, engagement and significant revenue for consumer brands.

We Give You The Tools

BUMP Network provides all the tools for membership management under a single platform so that brands can build, stimulate, and motivate their membership base.

  • Benefit Recruitment

    Pick and choose among BUMP Network’s wide array of offerings to custom fit benefit packages to the demographics and desires of their membership. BUMP Network is constantly expanding its list of available benefit partners.

  • 🔄


    Easily manage and track your revenue, refunds, discounts, or any transaction provided to your organization with BUMP Network’s sophisticated integrated payment processing system.

  • Communications

    Expand horizons of communication by delivering relevant and timely information directly to an entire group with one simple process.

  • 📋


    See an up-to-date list of member info, event details, or payment status at a glance or download a detailed report.

Setup is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Customize

    Create a membership system that mimics the looks and feel of an existing website or start from scratch. Choose the colors, fonts, content, images, card design and more.

  • Select

    Pick and choose among BUMP Network’s wide array of offerings and discounts and add your own benefits to custom fit the demographics and desires of your membership. You can also create membership tiers.

  • Engage

    Invite your current contacts and encourage traffic to your membership program using event pages and invitation tools. Manage communications, renewals, activities or product needs using the BUMP Network administrative tools for reporting and analytics.

Get In Touch

Interested in how our technology solutions can enhance your organization? Drop us a line, and we will be in touch with you shortly

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