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                    Antimicrobial Coating(Antimicrobial Latex Paint)

                    Update:2019/9/16 11:18:31      View:964
                    • Type   Q917 Q918
                    • Description

                      Qianyi antimicrobial coating is a kind of quality new antimicrobial latex paint for medical use, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, nontoxic and odorless. 


                    Brief Introductions.


                    Qianyi antimicrobial coating is a kind of quality new antimicrobial latex paint for medical use, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, nontoxic and odorless. Using high quality imported raw materials and antiseptics with scientifically unique techniques, it has broad-spectrum, effective and lasting germicidal efficacy, especially in hostile environments. It is a kind of decorative functional coating with good adhesion,  excellent alkali resistance and water resistance. It is flexible enough to avoid slight walls cracking, meeting national standards of related design requirements, which makes it good to be applied to walls and ceiling decorations. It has been widely popular with customers because of brilliant leveling performance and scrub resistance.

                    Wide Applications.


                    Applied to interior and exterior base surface need to be antimicrobial and anti-mildew, such as operating rooms, ICU, general wards, clinics, treatment rooms, medical departments, hallways in hospitals, enclosed workshops, laboratories in pharmaceutical factories, underground railway tracks, hallways, platforms, ceilings in public areas and some special food factories. It is also used for the top of track area and wall, elevator shaft and foundation pit, comprehensive pipeline over the suspended ceiling(including air duct).


                    Construction Methods.



                    Antimicrobial Coating:Finish: Q917 Q918; Primer: Q919 Q920

                    Antimicrobial Latex Paint:Finish: Q921 Q922; Primer: Q923 Q925

                    Specifications:Finish: 6kg/bucket, 20kg/bucket; Primer: 5kg/bucket, 18kg/bucket

                    Brushing Area(theoretically): Finish 4-5㎡/kg(2 times); Primer: 8-10㎡/kg(1 time)

                    Application Methods: brush, roller, spray

                    Process: Puttying 2 times→Primer 1 time→Finish 2-3 times(processed flexibly in accordance with actual needs)

                    The paint need to be mixed fully before using.  You can add 5%-10% water as appropriate, but you’d better dilute it with 10%-15% transparent primer. Brushing and spraying are good. The second application time is no less than 2 hours. Please make sure the temperature of working environment is more than 5℃. The relative humidity is better to be more than 80% and wall moisture content less than 10%.

                    The coating has strong ageing resistance and superior antimicrobial efficacy and Grade A fire rating.

                    Gloss: Matte.

                    Color: White or others(Please refer to color card for more choices)

                    Solid Content: >45%

                    Fineness:≤25 microns

                    Drying Time:Under 25℃,the dry to touch time is less than 2 hours while the actual drying time is more than 72 hours.

                    Working Temperature: ≥5 ℃.

                    Good Scrub resistance: ≥5000 times

                    Safe Storage: 1.Please keep the closed containers in cool, dry and well-ventilated places under 5-25℃.;

                    2.It must be protected against frost in winter.

                    3.Keep them away from strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidizing agent, animal feed and food.

                    Disposal:The wastes should be disposed by a qualified company in compliance with legal guidelines.

                    Technical Indexes:


                    EnvironmentalProperty: meeting the national standard safety requirements about Indoor decorating& refurbishing materials (GB18582-2008)

                    Quality Standards: meeting the national standards of GB/T9755-2001 and GB/T 9755-2014

                    Antimicrobial Property: meeting the standards of GB/T21866-2008 and GB/T1741—2007 with antibacterial rate up to 99.90% and lasting antibacterial rate up to 99.30%

                    Good Corrosion Resistance. The films are immune from 95% medical alcohol.(Standard:GB/T22374-2008)

                    Fire Rating:Grade A (Standard: GB8624-2012)

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