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                    Anti-Mildew Coating

                    Update:2019/9/16 11:13:59      View:903
                    • Type   finish coating: Q909 Q910; primer coating:Q911
                    • Description

                      This kind of inorganic coating features moisture-proof and mildew-proof property, environmentally friendly, pollution-free and nontoxic. 


                    Brief Introductions:

                    This kind of inorganic coating features moisture-proof and mildew-proof property, environmentally friendly, pollution-free and nontoxic. Made of superior imported inorganic raw materials and unique anti-mildew agents by scientific technology, the product has broad-spectrum, efficient, and lasting germicidal efficacy. Experimental results have shown that it has good mildew resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance and excellent adhesion even in a severe environment. Thus, it’s a qualified functional material with good performance in decoration industry. The paint with good flexibility helps to enhance water-proof property in order to prevent wall cracking, meeting the national fire safety requirements. We are making continuous effort to provide reliable products for every customer, and that’s why more and more consumers prefer to choose us.

                    Wide Applications:


                    Wildly applied to indoor and outdoor basal plane that needs to be dry and mildewproof such as underground railway track, platform, hall, passage, public zone of station, the top of gateway and the part over the suspended ceiling, the top of track area and wall, elevator shaft and foundation pit, comprehensive pipeline over the suspended ceiling(including air duct). Thanks to its moisture-proof and mildew-proof property, it can be used for decorating ceiling or applied on indoor or outdoor wall of buildings like brewery, food factory, air-raid shelter, basement, bathroom and etc.

                    Product Details:


                    Model: finish coating: Q909 Q910; primer coating:Q911

                    Specification: 20kg/bucket (plastic bucket)

                                18kg/bucket (transparent primer)

                    Spreading Rate: Finish: 5㎡/kg (brush 2 times);Primer:8㎡/kg (brush 1 time)

                    Components: inorganic raw materials, tutile titanium dioxide, imported anti-mildew agents, water, environmentally friendly auxiliaries and etc.

                    Diluent: water

                    Dilution Rate: dilute the paint with 10%-15% water (It depends. Some paint can be applied directly without water)

                    Application Method: brush, roller, conventional spray or airless spray.

                    Construction Temperature: ≥5℃

                    Washability: ≥5000 times

                    Process: Puttying 3 times→Primer 1-2 times→Finish 2 times

                    Drying Time:Under 30℃ environment, the surface drying time is about 30 minutes while the actual time is about 1 hour.

                    Color:Matte. Please refer to color swatches for more choices.

                    Safety Storage: Please keep the closed containers in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight with the room temperature between 5℃ and 25℃. Keep them away from strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidizing agent, animal feed and food.

                    Disposal: The wastes should be disposed by a qualified company in compliance with legal guidelines.

                    Quality Standards: the quality conforms to national standards: GB/T9755-2001; GB/T 9755-2014.

                    Safety Performance: Meeting the national standard safety requirements about Indoor decorating& refurbishing materials (GB18582-2008)

                    The paint with moisture-proof and mildew-proof property(conform to national standard: GB/T21866-2008; GB/T1741—2007) has good anti-aging and fireproof performance(Grade A: GB8624-2012).




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